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Meta verification: A Game- Changer

Hot on the heels of Twitter launching their pay-monthly scheme, which allows those signed up to be given a blue verification tick, Meta has announced that Instagram and Facebook will be launching something very similar.

Meta Verified is a new subscription bundle, that includes:

☑️ A verified badge
🪪 Authenticating your account with government ID
🤳 Proactive account protection
🧑💻 Access to account support from a real person
💥 Increased visibility and reach
🏆 Exclusive features

The bundle will roll out in Australia and New Zealand later this week, with hopes to bring it to the rest of the world “soon”.

While an increase in visibility could be a great thing for up and coming creators, and those wanting to further elevate their online presence, how will this affect previously verified accounts?

Though Meta has stated those previously verified won’t be affected in the short term, creators who spent years working towards a blue tick may feel differently, and may be less favoured over those who are willing to pay monthly.

While previously a verified badge informed a brand's decision to work with a creator, or allowed creators to leverage higher rates for collaborations; the ever rising ‘de-influencing’ is further disrupting the relevance of the blue tick, and third party influencer credibility tools allow brands to dive into the details of creator audiences before they choose to form a partnership. So is a blue tick relevant anymore?

Meta have stated long term they want to evolve the meaning of the verified badge, building an offering that’s valuable to everyone, including creators, businesses and their community at large.

All in all, it seems like a significant shift in how the biggest social media platforms are thinking about users - and which ones could potentially be given special treatment.

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