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The Rise of the Voxpop

With over 240 million views on TikTok and counting, the hashtag #voxpop has become one of the most popular trending content styles  on the platform.

A voxpop is a short video made up of clips taken from interviews with members of the public. They are often used to gather audience insights and opinions on any given subject and let’s face it, we’re all here for the funny out-takes too.

To leverage this trend, Social Honey created a series of VoxPops to boost brand engagement and traction on two client accounts.

We utilised popular TikTok creators as interviewers and sent them out onto the streets to speak to as much of the general public, not only creating some incredible content but building brand awareness in an entertaining and informative manner too. We’ve found VoxPops to be a great way to allow the brand to promote their product without having it feel like an ad on the viewers timeline, meaning higher reach, higher engagement and wider brand visibility.

The ideal content pillar to build into a strategy to help to educate and entertain, because we think the funny, unscripted moments are just as valuable as your scripted brand content!

Key Stats

  • 232.9k TikTok Reach
  • 31.1k likes across 6 posts

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