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Harnessing TikTok Creator Lives

TikTok ‘Lives’ are becoming an ever more popular tool on the social media platform and one that Social Honey have been incorporating in the Mark Hill influencer strategy over the past 6 months. With such an iconic product that shows such a great ‘before and after’, customers love to see how their favourite creators are using their Mark Hill tools and the looks they are creating.

For the launch of the pink version of the much loved Mark Hill ‘Pick N Mix’ range, we knew influencer led lives would have to form part of the strategy, so to promote the launch we partnered with TikTok influencer Cariad Ryan to stream a TikTok Live of her using the new range allowing viewers to purchase easily through TikTok shop.

The collaboration was a huge success with a huge increase in sales off the back of the live with an incredibly engaged audience.

Social Honey have been implementing creator led TikTok lives as a main pillar in the Mark Hill influencer strategy. As a result of this, over a 3 month period TikTok shop has been featured by 504 creators on an open plan* and featured in 513 live streams, meaning greater brand visibility and greater awareness.

The popularity of TikTok Lives shows no signs of slowing down, with the easy-to-shop customer journey, consumers seem to be big fans of purchasing via this platform and we can’t wait to see what's next for TikTok shop!

*open plan allows anyone who qualifies as an affiliate to link to the product in their lives or videos

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