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The Potential of Influencer Collections

Over the last few years we’ve seen brands leverage the power of the influencer even more, with ‘edit’s’ that represent the best of the brand and the creator and appeal to the masses. We know that audiences want to know exactly how to buy into their favourite creators lifestyle easily and instantly and the power of this is not to be ignored.

With this in mind, Neon Beach launched their first ever influencer edit with Megano Welsh in 2022, after the sign that Neon Beach designed for her earlier in the year attracted lots of requests from followers eager to find out where they could get their hands on it so the collaboration felt like a natural fit.

Social Honey recognised that Megan Welsh had the potential to tap into a unique demographic due to her engaged Gen Z audience and charismatic personality, so the six product collection was born.

This was the brand’s first 360 influencer campaign; from product development, creative strategy, social execution and influencer strategy, Social Honey executed the full creative concept end to end.

The result?

Neon Beach experienced the most website sessions year to date on the day of launch. The product category is incredibly popular to this day. Showing the power of collaborating with a creator who knows their audience and their own style inside out.

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