SHRINE x Tammy Girl Collaboration

70,000 Organic Reach
+600% WOW follower increase

We wanted to showcase the hair transformations and new looks that Tammy Girl and SHRINE could offer. To make this happen, we sourced three models through SHRINE's creative following. We worked closely with the product development team to ensure that the visuals were in line with the seasonal events of festivals.

During the shoot, we utilised only smartphones to capture the images and videos. We also took advantage of both the SHRINE HQ space and Manchester's streets as locations. This helped us to create a visually compelling campaign that resonated with our audience.

After the shoot, we distributed ten pieces of content across TikTok and Instagram. These platforms proved to be ideal for our target audience, and we received excellent engagement and visibility for the campaign. In addition, we hosted a successful social giveaway on Tammy Girl and SHRINE's pages, which helped to increase the campaign's reach.

As a result of our efforts, we generated a total of 638 likes across the campaign. We also achieved a reach of 62.8K, which was a significant success for the SHRINE X Tammy Girl collaboration. Overall, our team was able to deliver a successful campaign, despite the unique challenges we faced along the way.