Mark Hill Hot Air Brush Influencer Campaign

+250% followers
90 piece of content
+130% clicks to site

In our collaboration with Mark Hill for their Hot Air Brush launch, we embraced the challenge of standing out during the peak season. Working with 90 creators, we provided creative briefs that not only highlighted the Hot Air Brush’s unique selling points but also addressed trending hair problems on TikTok. This approach allowed us to produce 90 pieces of content that resonated deeply with audiences on both TikTok and Instagram, fostering an authentic connection.

The campaign's success wasn't just in the numbers—+250% followers and +130% clicks to site—but in the stories we told. Facing the hurdle of varied audience preferences, our team strategically matched creators with content that aligned with their audience's interests, proving our innovative approach could make the Hot Air Brush's fastest-selling product by Q4 2022. This campaign is a testament to our ability to navigate market trends and create meaningful engagements.