London Rug Organic Social Strategy and Consultancy

+493% impressions
+265% engagement increase
+294% profile visits

Our partnership with the London Rug Company was a six-month journey focused on developing a targeted social media strategy and innovative content to enhance their presence on Instagram and TikTok. By closely aligning with the brand's values and engaging with the audience's interests, we were able to achieve two objectives at once: maintaining authenticity and fulfilling commercial goals.

The results of this partnership were transformative: we saw a 493% increase in impressions, a 265% growth in engaged accounts, a 656% surge in Reels interactions, and a 294% rise in profile visits. These numbers highlight the success of our tailored content approach and platform-specific strategies. Our work with the London Rug Company showcases the importance of navigating social media's intricacies to achieve significant engagement and expand a brand's reach.